We are a private practice which has been serving the people of central Mississippi for over 50 years, making us one of the oldest independent radiology groups in the state.



We utilize the latest imaging equipment and workflow technology to deliver results at a lower cost and higher quality. We provide 24x7 services with all final results.



Our radiologists are subspecialty trained in Body Imaging, Musculoskeletal, Neruoradiology, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and Vascular/Interventional.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

We interpret imaging studies and are imaging consultants for your doctor. We can partner with local radiology groups to assist with night readings and specialty readings.

What is Radiology?

Radiology is the branch of speciality medicine that deals with the study and application of imaging technology from x-ray and radiation to diagnosing and treating disease. Radiologists direct an array of imaging technologies such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to diagnose or treat disease.  Interventional radiology is the performance of medical procedures with the guidance of imaging technologies, usually in a minimally invasive fashion.  The acquisition of medical imaging is usually carried out by the radiologic technologist. Meet our distinguished team.

Some of our services include:

  • CT and CTA
  • MR and MRA
  • Ultrasound
  • Diagnostic Mammography
  • Breast Biopsies and aspirations
  • Xray
  • Nuclear Medicine/PET


To provide radiological services that deliver exceptional care to our patients and that enable our clients and partners to be more productive and cost effective.


To set the standard for a new and better approach for radiology services.


Trust- We conduct ourselves with integrity, exceeding established standards.

Performance- We work hard, set lofty goals and strive to exceed our own aspirations.

Innovation- We are passionate about what we do and seek innovative ways to improve.

Communication- We value honest communication among our teams and those we help.

Teamwork- We foster individual talents and work together to deliver results.

Courageous– We are unafraid of opportunity.